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QCJRA is a nonprofit organization committed to providing a family environment in which children may develop the basic skills of rodeo. Our commitment is to prepare our contestants to excel in both Junior and High School Rodeo, College Rodeo and beyond. We recognize sportsmanship like conduct and honor personal growth. Skill, Discipline, Respect, and a Competitive Spirit are the attributes in which we support.


QCJRA was founded by families who lived in Queen Creek Arizona in the early 1990's. The association has grown to be one of the largest Arizona Junior Rodeo Associations with over 150 members and growing. The association travels to rodeos throughout the state and is run by parent and family volunteers. We strive to help youth, ages 3-18, keep the western heritage alive in the state of Arizona. QCJRA is also dedicated to giving those children with mental and physical disabilities the chance to rodeo as well. We are very proud of our Elite group of kids who are able to compete and receive great awards for their dedication and drive for the sport of rodeo.

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